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City Council

  1. Milton City Council - Public Input

    This form allows for residents to submit public input when they may not otherwise be able to attend a meeting.

Parks & Recreation

  1. Application For Events / Parades / Festivals / Special Activities

    Fill out this form online for City Events, Parades, Festivals, and other Special Activities


  1. City of Milton Application for Sign Permit

    Application for Sign Permit

  2. Commercial Wastewater Discharge Permit Application (CWDP)

    Article V., Division 5 of the Code of Ordinance for the City of Milton, Section 48-479 further provides that: “It shall be a... More…

  3. Property Improvement Recognition Form

    Property Improvement Recognition Form

  4. Tree Removal Application for the City of Milton

    Tree Removal Application

  1. Code Enforcement Complaint

    Code Enforcement Complaint

  2. Downtown (CRA) / Historic District Application

    Downtown (CRA) / Historic District Application

  3. Stormwater and Illicit Discharge Complaint Form

Public Works

  1. Natural Gas Survey

    Natural Gas Survey for Milton City Services

  2. Request for Gas Service & Meter Installation

    Request for Gas Service & Meter Installation

  1. Public Awareness Survey

    Public Awareness Survey