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Mar 25

Teen Poems on Self-Injury Awareness Day [SAID]

Posted on March 25, 2019 at 3:18 PM by Pamela Holt


SAID is a grassroots annual national awareness event. The Guy Thompson Community Center’s participates in this national event with a Poetry Competition for its 20 regulars that come mostly from Milton High School but also Pace High School, Locklin Tech, Hobbs Middle School, W.H. Rhodes Elementary.

The following Milton High School students won awards for National Self-Injury Awareness Day [SAID]: Tiesha McAllister won a 1st Place for “Giving Joy” and Jordan Gray got 2nd Place for “What Gives Me Joy.” The prompt was on working towards what gives you joy. Reactive anger emanates from you, as you let it poison your mind. Finding joy, lessens bad traits like anger.

What Gives Me Joy

Nothing really gives me joy.

I’m still finding my joy.

Joy makes you deeply happy

but what does happy really mean?

Some just pretend, some are real.

Are you deeply, happily, truly happy?

What’s the true meaning of happiness?

Jordan Gray – student

Giving Joy

When I am laughing or just enjoying

myself around my friends and family

like discussing the fun times or

like the embarrassing times we had.

When someone is mad, we just try

to make them happy.

Tiesha McAllister – student

Enjoying Family

Something that makes me happy

is spending time with family,

even if we don’t’ get along.

But spending time with family

sparks joy in me.

Estefani Ramos – student

My Bliss

Joy comes from family and friends.

This gives me joy because

my family is always her to support me.

My friends tell me what is right

that also gives me joy.

Paris Baughman – student


Jokes give me joy.

It puts smiles on people’s faces.

It’s great to see people laugh

and brighten up their day.

Chedrick Carnegia – student


My family is what sparks joy in me.

Just being in the presence of them.

Also doing kind and generous things

for others in need.

Na’trell Kennedy – student


I find joy when I’m

with my family, friends

and doing sports. When

I’m happy, I play basketball and

talk to my girlfriends.

Dre’von Harris – student

My Little Brother

When my little brother was born,

I felt alive. A spark came to me

and fire lit inside of me. My

little brother that gave me joy.

Dominic Peterson – student


I feel angry when playing

cause the Zombies in

Call of Duty 4

come way too fast. So

I lose patience and get mad.

Seliah Mitchell – student

Let’s Play

When I do well, it elevates me

to a higher vision of myself

because it feels really good.

Some video games help

improve my patience

because playing calms me down.

Tiesha McAllister – student

gaming is lite

especially Mario Kart

that’ll light me up like a light

i’ll never forget

that part of my life.

Niue McAllister – student


When I’m playing video games,

I feel great and very energized.

I don’t care if I die, I can try again.

And if the game is fun, it makes me

want to play some more.

Na’trell Kennedy – student


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