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Oct 21

Remembering Brandon & Joey

Posted on October 21, 2019 at 11:10 AM by Pamela Holt

Hurtful Words
Don’t bully people because
you don’t know what they
might be going through
and how they are feeling.
Don’t bully people because
they can hurt or kill themselves.
Don’t bully people because
Karma will come back
to haunt you.
Tylon Lee – student

Bullying has Consequences
When you bully’s someone,
you make them feel bad
and can cause him to do bad
things to himself like
killing himself or cutting.
Dakaila Johnson – student

Words can Kill
It’s not good to bully
cause it makes people
feel like they shouldn’t be
on this earth and they
might kill themselves.
Cornelius Coleman – student

Anger issues show-up as hurtful words or punches.
Don’t let your mind go there.
Oct 21

Loving Yourself is Straight Enough

Posted on October 21, 2019 at 11:10 AM by Pamela Holt

Stop It
People need to stop bullying
because it can come back
to hurt you. It also can make them
cut themselves or even kill themselves.
David Lindsey – student

That boy probably felt
embarrassed because no one
likes to be talked about or
messed with and like
kids are taught in school –
treat others the way you
want to be treated.
Cornelius Coleman -student

Being Himself
He was just made fun
of for being himself and most likely
felt embarrassed and humiliated
because it was in front of people.
Kassie Binger -student

Be Yourself
In the U.S. today, people
judge other people all the time.
But no matter what they say,
it shouldn’t change the way
you think or feel.
Dakaila Johnson – student

Teen Humiliated
The boy made fun felt
that he couldn’t be his self,
without getting bullied, and they
made fun of him for that.
Scarlett Rawls – student
Oct 02

Our Youth Needs a Company of Volunteers

Posted on October 2, 2019 at 11:16 AM by Pamela Holt

Needs a Company of Volunteer
If people can donate their time
to volunteer to help out
our community to keep the Center
open on weekends like Pensacola.
Dakaila Johnson – student

Community Pool
By making a community pool
for these hot days, everyone
would use it by charging
adults, $2.00 for teens and
free for children under 12
with an adult.
Cornelius Coleman – Student

How to Make Milton Better
To make Milton better, we
should engage more with the youth
by providing more play and hangout
areas like fitness stations.
We should try to have annual events
such as kickball games in our fields.
Most of Milton is youth.
Lashara Mcbride – student

I think that the only things
Milton need change is for the
Community Center to be open
on weekends with adults helping out
and more health centers.
Summer Freeman- student

City is an Understatement
Problems caused by purchase
and people but a shortage,
we have of both.
The children untrustworthy
from simple immaturity.
You need to have more
supervision and authority
until the streets,
we have the majority.
City is an understatement.

Aisha Akright – student 

In order to achieve greatness,
you must first have
your priorities straight.
To be successful, you
have to make a choice
that benefits your future.
Lashera Mcbride – student

Always Look Ahead
The sacrifices I would take
to be a rapper is to talk
to musicians and taking
seven hours out of my day
to rapping, instead of
talking to friends a lot.
I would only talk
during my free time.
Tremayne Johnson – student

Dedicating a specific
hour each day for practice
or study and always have a
community of supporters
and a group of kids
to sign-up with you
and stay out of trouble
is my path to greatness.
Tylon Lee student

I would work with a mentor,
observing and listening to
someone who had already
experienced what I want.
It is a huge opportunity
to learn from someone.
Angelique Taylor -student

Spending hours a day
is so helpful for
practice and achieving
your goal to do
whatever you want
and love in life.
Azaria Taylor – student

I am willing to sacrifice
to be a cheerleader, which I love,
as it helps support people.
Lexxie Etheridge -student