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May 06

Teens on Bullying

Posted on May 6, 2019 at 11:12 AM by Pamela Holt

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Bullies Are Needing Love
Bullies are the ones who
will not make it in life, so they
try to make kids feel the same;
and that’s not right.
So, in my opinion, bullies
are people who need love.
Marquis Robinson – student

Bullies are Pathetic
Bullies’ social skills are pathetic
because there’s something going on
deep down that makes them
take their anger and frustration
out on someone else.
Tylon Lee – student

Make Friends

Parents should not tell kids
to stick-up to bullies
but should teach them
how to make friends.
Quamoria Ducksworth – student

Bullies are Ugly
Bullies make others feel bad
just to make they feel good.
It’s not right to the people
that cry or get hurt by them;
and it should stop.
I try to help out and prevent it
for most people like when
bullies try to fight a little kid.
If you see bullying, you should
try to stop it.
Dakaila Johnson – student

My Destiny
In ten years, I see myself
in the NFL with a beautiful
wife and two kids. That’s
my destiny.
Marquis Robinson – student

Be the Greatest

Don’t leave your destiny to someone else.
Have you ever stopped and thought about it?
If you could write the story of your life, where
do you see yourself?
I see myself finished with school and
with a good job, and at least a house & Family.
Carlos Jennings – student

Life Begins
Ten years from now, there’s destiny
like amazing things created in life.
Ten years from now, I’ll finish college,
start a business and maybe
just maybe, life begins.
Seliah Mitchell – student

Never Give Up
Ten years from now, I hope
to be done or starting college,
be a FL gator softball player.
Afterwards, I think about being a doctor.
Estefani Ramos - student

Inner Self
I don’t feel used
because you are yourself
and can be a better person.
I don’t let someone
take advantage
of my time
and waste it.
People use you
but you really allow it.
Seliah Mitchell - student

Two Faced
I feel like I’m being used for people’s advantage,
for their use or for taking something from me
but later won’t let me get something from them.
If it’s not about them, they don’t care.
Cameron McAllister - student

I don’t feel used because
my ego is too high and
don’t feed off my inadequacies.
My being a good football player
and knowing getting in trouble
with girls is not worthy to be.
Dante Hill – student

Being Used
I feel like I am
being used when
people do stuff
when they are your friend
and then stick it to you.
Ayanna Hudson – student

I did feel used at some point in time.
For example, I was friends with someone
and they basically wanted specific information
and never came back.
I didn’t know and yes, I felt used.
Issy Alli – student

Can’t Touch Me
My inner-self is worth it.
Can’t nobody bring me down.
Not with me being confident.
You’ll can’t touch me.
Niue McAllister – student

Just Taking
I do be used when people
take stuff but when
I want stuff, they just
want from me.
Desi Johnson – student