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Jul 11


Posted on July 11, 2019 at 10:08 AM by Pamela Holt

Love is Just a Word
Love is an emotion, a feeling.
You don’t need money to try to buy love.
You can’t return it.
There are people who hate you
but you are a child of God.
He will always love you.
Porsha Smith – student

Behind the Bullying
Bullies are the way they are
because they don’t want others
to do well in life. They want
to bring people down just so
they can achieve their goals. They want
to tear the world apart.
Daquan Hannah – student

Bullies are the way they are
because they are mistreated,
beaten and abused by family.
So, they take it out on others.
Truly, deep down inside
they’re calling out for help
but no none listens.
I really feel their pain. They need
someone to talk and vent to
but no one will till it’s too late
for them to change their ways
And they bully more each day,
till we make a change
in how we do things in this age.
Tyrice Osborne – student

Wanting to be Happy
Bullies are the way they are
due family situations,
classmates acting out
and being so rude,
as to get one unglued.
People have anger and sadness
but nobody knows what
goes on in their life.
They really need someone to say
all will be well in life.
Ahmir James – student

The Problem
Bullies are bullies
just by bad luck situations.
Bullies are bullies
due parent’s abuse
and everyone’s opinions.
Demias Caswell – student

Francois’ Poem
Bullies were hurt
and take their pain
out on others. But,
they do not know, the same
brings pain too.
Francois Sims - student

Why are Bullies the Way they Are?
They have been treated wrong
probably for just so long
but bullies are not good
and to me misunderstood.
Cameron McAllister – student

Raised Bad
Bullies are the way they are because
their parents do not teach them
how to respect others.
Marcal Hudson – student

Bulles are bullies
because they too were bullied
and have lived a hard life.
So, they take it out
on others.
Eric Griffin – student

Inkwells & seagrass
stir thoughts of wonder
as I hypnotically row
in my Baywalker.
Baybridge spurts laughter,
spotting me as the outlier,
reflects some and spouts -
live your life.
Marc Livanos
Jun 28

What makes me Happy

Posted on June 28, 2019 at 10:13 AM by Pamela Holt

“What’s a Poem?”
A poem is not always music.
It doesn’t always have to rhyme.
A poem is supposed to come
from the heart. From the heart
to the mind. Life is time
and your mind is your time.
The mind knows what your heart
loves and hates.
You control your mind; you
control your fate.
A poem can tell how feeling
and what you’re needing
in life and spirit, and even imagination.
If God was to send you a message,
would you listen, or just hear it?
Cause even after the fact, only you
can determine your fate.
Nobody else can do it.
Cedryc Lifherd, Jr., - student

A poem is a speech made of words & wisdom.
Words that mean something more to me
or inspirationally makes me feel better.
It doesn’t matter if others like it
but if you like it, as all that matters
is that the poem means a lot to me.
Quamoria Ducksworth - student

The Gift of Music
I’m grateful for music. Lately,
it’s been my everything. My escape
from pain the world brings each day.
I feel that pain but music saves me.
My day and night escape.
I love the music that flows
through my brain. it helps me maintain
the darkness in me. By my side, the mic
speaks painful truths, deep within me.
Music keeps me busy in a good way. God,
I’m so grateful for the gift that you gave me.
Mrs. Kiwi, I’m grateful for the love you show
and give. Lately, life has been a blessing
but things get in the way and try to wreck it.
But, I won’t be restless, cause even when breathless,
it gives me air to breathe. Music makes me feel
like an angel with wings – but forever & always
God is with me. Also, lately I’m grateful for
the wonderful people God gave to me.
Thank you God for giving me the change I need.
The gift of music You gave me, helps me help
others through things, through troubles in life.
I know for a fact that lately I’ve been doing
something right, but deep inside God,
you know I’m still trying to find that light
because the fallout with my mom wasn’t right.
It broke me inside. I want to find it so bad
but it’s hard when I barely see my mom,
dad or siblings. The missing has been hard.
Music helps me get through all the trials
I go through. I know that my gift and love
of music will continue to help me and others too.
Tyrice Osborne – student

I’m grateful for freedom. If I didn’t have
freedom, I don’t know where I’d be.
I’d be bored out of my mind.
When I have freedom, I am happy
and full of awesomeness.
I’m having a good time and
feel like I run the world.
Freedom helps me when I’m
down emotionally. I want you
to know that when you have
freedom, nothing can stop you.
Abby Igus – student

Sisterly Love
I am grateful for my sister.
She makes me smile as
I’m sad to be here a little while
before I go into the Navy.
She doesn’t want me to go
cause she’ll be lonely
but I will always be there for her.
Porsha Smith – student

I Wonder
At times, I wonder if the sun will shine.
Sometimes, I wonder if I’m still alive.
Am I really alive?
Now & then, I wonder if I own anything
I have. Or, do I?
I wonder if I’m walking, sitting, stirring at all.
What am I doing?
Someone please tell me, if you know.
Or is it God’s way?
Please tell me, someone, anyone.
Quamoria Ducksworth - student

Our Little Town
Milton is composed of simple
and intriguing adventures. It
is a tourist attraction filled
with nature. In our little town,
you don’t get the drama
of violent matters like other cities.
Milton is an escape from
the big city lights. I love
this beautiful town. It is
a magnificent God made creation.
Trevon Martin – student

I am grateful for my childhood.
I got bullied, hurt, mistreated.
Life was not fair.
I wanted to leave
and go somewhere else.
I was just eight
and told my grand ma.
She prayed for me
but I was feeling the same.
I went to the bathroom
and wanted to swallow pills.
A voice said “You are important.
You are one of a kind.”
I looked around and
didn’t see anything.
So, I left and started to play
when I heard my name.
No one was calling me. I
thought I was going crazy. It
kept getting louder and louder.
I was freaking out about it.
My grandma told me to pray.
So, I did and have been happier
the more I get in the word of God.
Porsha Smith – student

What Makes Milton Great?
Well to start with, its’ very
peaceful compared to Atlanta.
Job availability is limited. So
it’s first come, first serve. So
it’s very hard to lose your job.
Milton is also a very good
tourist site with great restaurants.
Jercole Johnson – student

Milton is Great
Milton is great, friendly
with sports and people that
make it a better place.
I’m happy to live in this place.
Lakyelah Sims – student

My Milton
Friends, family & community
makes Milton great, as they
mean a lot to me and everyone too.
We just need to improve on some things
but do have a great community
that is growing every day.
Kelvin Flint - student

Milton’s Sports
What makes Milton great
is the sports because it’s fun
and entertainment for
the community and makes it
a better place.
Sanayah Arnold - student
Jun 13

A Happy Place

Posted on June 13, 2019 at 10:01 AM by Pamela Holt

What I Love Most
Skateboarding is what I love most
in life is new tricks and skating
around in the cool summer breeze.
Hitting me is a good stress
reliever. If I’m bored, angry or sad,
I go outside, skate and focus
on the world more.
Doing and landing tricks
make me happy in an instant.
Like the “180.” Once I land it,
I know I accomplished something
that I worked hard to learn.
Landing a 5.0 is going up
a ramp and sliding on my back trucks.
The feel of the trucks on the rail
and its landing feels amazing.
Skating makes me feel free
to make turns, flips and do
what I love most in life.
My parents know it makes me happy
and that’s what they want from me.
They’re my biggest supporters
and without them I couldn’t imagine
where I’d be in life in skating.
Taylor Leek - student

Places I like are one thing,
but living with people
that love and care for me
is true shelter.
If I am hungry, I have food
because they care.
Derek Ashcraft – student

Hawaii Nei
Hawaii Nei
This is the place to be
Where it's sunny all day
And sceneries are heavenly
Here in Hawaii Nei
Families are most important
Eating with the fam at the cafe
Being with them is the best moment
You can never get enough
Especially during mayday
The guys in it look tough
In this place Hawaii Nei
Niue McAllister - student

My Happy Place
My happy place is school
where I love reading book
series like Spider Wick.
My teachers Mrs. Mullins
always says let your imagination
take you where it wants.
When I read, it makes my imagination just
burst with creativity and get smarter.
Think about this next time you read –
you are succeeding life.
Abigail Igus - student

Love the Game
The basketball court is my happy place.
It satisfies me and relieve my stress.
I love the game and everything that goes
with it. Most get irritated with trash
talkers but it motivates me
to play harder and be the best.
Never take advice from somebody
that doesn’t love you.
Jercole Johnson – student

Living in a Mansion
Home is encompassed
by the feeling of comfort & love.
Home is simply being with friends & family.
I could live in a box, as long as my support
system is with me.
Living in a mansion without the serenity
I feel with my loved ones is meaningless.
A life void of connections is truly empty.
Jessica Leleux – student

The Field
The field is my happy place.
It makes me relieve stress and
feel life is OK when
everything is a mess.
The football field invites me,
embraces me with open arms and
gives you the discipline
where legends are born.
Chedrick Carnegia - student

My happy is home
because I like it there,
nobody bothers me,
play my music and
can stay private.
Aven Morgan - student

Three Pointers
A challenge to pace
the three-point line is my place.
I want to shoot like Curry
with or without space.
Francois Sims, Jr., - student

The Court
My happy place is the court.
Why? Well let me explain.
I go when I’m happy or sad
and some days even bad.
I go in any weather as
it just makes me feel better.
Don’t let anything get you down.
Trelin Carnegia – student