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Mar 30

Thoughts of Encouragement

Posted on March 30, 2020 at 11:55 AM by Pamela Holt

My Inspiration
Beyoncé inspires me
because of the things she
does, attitude, her
body language and
her expressions that
give off good vibes.
She is inspirational
to many girls and women.
She is a queen.
Tiesha McAllister – student

Nle Choppa
Nle Choopa is my
inspiration because
he’s only 19 and
making music,
millions of dollars,
and is amazing.
Destiny Willis – student

Kobe Bryant
He inspires others
because he never gave up.
He did so much for the
basketball community.
Everyone loved him.
He was one of the best
players and I want
to be just like him
one day.
Johnny Simmons – student

The Gazebo
In the serenity of a gazebo,
I slowly slink into my own skin.

Tulip trees bloom in purple
gray haired fairies dress in white
hawthorn berries pose in red
rhododendron leaves droop on stems
tiny purple flowers imitate earrings.

Wistful lilies dance in the breeze
sparrows cavort as they please
animated palmettos bellow hello
jaunty water oak leaves are just so.

Cumulus clouds contrast cerulean skies
cool breezes cast crimson dreams
white skies highlight fairylike daydreams.

Soon cares disappear and I realize
that nothing ever really needs to be done
but to be comfortable in my own skin.
Marc Livanos

Mar 24

Quality Time

Posted on March 24, 2020 at 11:59 AM by Pamela Holt

Quality Time
As we cope with school, library and community closures, it is important to reflect, write down and share past quality times spent with grandparents, siblings, and those that loved and encouraged you.
Mar 11

Poems on Milton’s Teachers

Posted on March 11, 2020 at 1:52 PM by Pamela Holt

Teachers Influence
Teachers are helpful
but can be a headache.
They are hard working
and help us with
everything we need.
Georgia Moreno – student

Teachers’ Job
They teach students
and encourage us to do better
so we can be educated
and go to the next level
and even college.
They make us want
to learn and push us forward
to become better
and be what we want in life.
Tylon Lee – student

My teachers bring me up
and believe in me
and tell me I can do better
than what I put out.
Estefani Ramos – student

Nurturing Dreams
The teacher has the impact
to teach lessons and they
may give us a hard time
to give us a good idea.
So, we can make it
somewhere in life.
Destiny Willis – student

Thank You Teacher
My teacher is the best,
best of the rest.
The award one day they collect
is because my teacher is the best.
Francois Sims – student

I Want To Be
Everyone envisions themselves
as a rock star
as a doctor
as a superstar.
I imagine myself as a chef,
a pastry chef, helping the world.
Not everyone need be a rock star,
or doctor or superstar
but everyone can be something.
Christina Moreno

My Destiny
I’m a different breed from everyone else.
My story has a lot to say.
When I have a problem,
I solve it my way.
I like people for who they are.
Cameron McAllister – student

What makes me different
is being nice to people.
When someone gets bullied,
I help them; just like
if I need help, I know
they will be there for me.
Marcal Hudson – student

What is Me
What makes me different
is how I am a leader –
a person who helps out when needed.
People always need “that person”
who helps out because people
have hard times and struggle.
Jeremiah McPherson – student

Me Is Who I Want To Be
I am different by my style.
I am different by my walk.
I am even different by my tone.
And last of all, it is my talent
in basketball.
Eric Griffin – student

I am Different
My personality makes
me different. It is that
personality that can get me
to different places.
Destiny Willis – student

My Difference
I’m different because
I can do many things others can’t
like rap, poetry, basketball,
gaming, football. And
I speak when I need to
in a very enlightening and calm way.
Kelvin Flint – student