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Aug 21

School Time Poetry

Posted on August 21, 2019 at 2:31 PM by Pamela Holt

Your values are more important
than counting wins.
If you have no morals,
you’re no better than a villain
and we all want to be heroes
So be he hero, not the villain.
Angelique Taylor – student

If somebody asked me to do
something outside the law,
I would say no
because they could get
somebody else to do it.
My values count and
are more important to me.
Aven Morgan – student

Food, Food, Food
I think Milton should have better
food at school because
I’ve been to Gulf Breeze
and their food is really good
like sushi, MooMilk and
stuff like that. It does not
take a lot of effort to add
some cookies and milkshakes.
Nick Clark – student

My Cafeteria
Milton’s school food is not bad
but they got to get better
because the milk is watery
and cheese pm tacos
and pizza is nasty and
could have more spices.
But overall, it is fine.
Dakaila Johnson – student

Having Integrity
I can’t partake in anything
that’s against my morals.
Unfair treatment doesn’t okay money
wasted on lazy adults
who value their own wallets
over hundreds of students
wasting their teenage years.
So, don’t be a hypocrite.
Rebekah Nelson – student

This is Who I am
What is more important –
winning or cheating?
I fell winning is way better
than cheating. You would
feel better to win on your own,
than winning by cheating.
Dakaila Johnson – student
Aug 06

Mindful poetry

Posted on August 6, 2019 at 8:35 AM by Pamela Holt

Happiness is Sand Between My Toes
Sand between my toes
only the water knows
where the push goes.
for I don’t know when
children splashing
parents are dashing.
Under a blue sky
worries say goodbye.
Sand between my toes
the whole world knows –
let it be. So,
to the lake I go.
Tristan Jones – student

Something that embarrassed
me that I never told anyone
was when on a written test,
I wrote fishes instead of fish.
Everyone laughed and
I got really mad.
Murad Mohammad – student

My destiny is to help people
and to make a change
in our world before I die.
I want to change
the foster care system.
Kyaunna Gentry – student

Bullied Before
I was being bullied
in sixth grade and
I was too afraid
to tell someone.
The feeling is that
you don’t mind your mortality.
Kris McCarter – student

There was time when
this girl broke my heart.
She made me want to cry
and want to look in the mirror differently.
I sit here today
and wonder why?
Chedrik Carnegia - student

Two Years Ago
I once attempted to hurt myself.
I had no hope or light.
but since have gotten better.
Recovering is nooit a place you go.
It’s something you do -
be it a change someway
or just somehow.
I have changed.
Kacie Parker – student

Basketball is my calling
because if I keep practicing
I get better. I practice
constantly and play hard.
So, I will just keep practicing
every day and never give up.
And if you do too,
you can go pro.
Bryce Nolan – student

Jul 11


Posted on July 11, 2019 at 10:08 AM by Pamela Holt

Love is Just a Word
Love is an emotion, a feeling.
You don’t need money to try to buy love.
You can’t return it.
There are people who hate you
but you are a child of God.
He will always love you.
Porsha Smith – student

Behind the Bullying
Bullies are the way they are
because they don’t want others
to do well in life. They want
to bring people down just so
they can achieve their goals. They want
to tear the world apart.
Daquan Hannah – student

Bullies are the way they are
because they are mistreated,
beaten and abused by family.
So, they take it out on others.
Truly, deep down inside
they’re calling out for help
but no none listens.
I really feel their pain. They need
someone to talk and vent to
but no one will till it’s too late
for them to change their ways
And they bully more each day,
till we make a change
in how we do things in this age.
Tyrice Osborne – student

Wanting to be Happy
Bullies are the way they are
due family situations,
classmates acting out
and being so rude,
as to get one unglued.
People have anger and sadness
but nobody knows what
goes on in their life.
They really need someone to say
all will be well in life.
Ahmir James – student

The Problem
Bullies are bullies
just by bad luck situations.
Bullies are bullies
due parent’s abuse
and everyone’s opinions.
Demias Caswell – student

Francois’ Poem
Bullies were hurt
and take their pain
out on others. But,
they do not know, the same
brings pain too.
Francois Sims - student

Why are Bullies the Way they Are?
They have been treated wrong
probably for just so long
but bullies are not good
and to me misunderstood.
Cameron McAllister – student

Raised Bad
Bullies are the way they are because
their parents do not teach them
how to respect others.
Marcal Hudson – student

Bulles are bullies
because they too were bullied
and have lived a hard life.
So, they take it out
on others.
Eric Griffin – student

Inkwells & seagrass
stir thoughts of wonder
as I hypnotically row
in my Baywalker.
Baybridge spurts laughter,
spotting me as the outlier,
reflects some and spouts -
live your life.
Marc Livanos