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Jun 13

A Happy Place

Posted on June 13, 2019 at 10:01 AM by Pamela Holt

What I Love Most
Skateboarding is what I love most
in life is new tricks and skating
around in the cool summer breeze.
Hitting me is a good stress
reliever. If I’m bored, angry or sad,
I go outside, skate and focus
on the world more.
Doing and landing tricks
make me happy in an instant.
Like the “180.” Once I land it,
I know I accomplished something
that I worked hard to learn.
Landing a 5.0 is going up
a ramp and sliding on my back trucks.
The feel of the trucks on the rail
and its landing feels amazing.
Skating makes me feel free
to make turns, flips and do
what I love most in life.
My parents know it makes me happy
and that’s what they want from me.
They’re my biggest supporters
and without them I couldn’t imagine
where I’d be in life in skating.
Taylor Leek - student

Places I like are one thing,
but living with people
that love and care for me
is true shelter.
If I am hungry, I have food
because they care.
Derek Ashcraft – student

Hawaii Nei
Hawaii Nei
This is the place to be
Where it's sunny all day
And sceneries are heavenly
Here in Hawaii Nei
Families are most important
Eating with the fam at the cafe
Being with them is the best moment
You can never get enough
Especially during mayday
The guys in it look tough
In this place Hawaii Nei
Niue McAllister - student

My Happy Place
My happy place is school
where I love reading book
series like Spider Wick.
My teachers Mrs. Mullins
always says let your imagination
take you where it wants.
When I read, it makes my imagination just
burst with creativity and get smarter.
Think about this next time you read –
you are succeeding life.
Abigail Igus - student

Love the Game
The basketball court is my happy place.
It satisfies me and relieve my stress.
I love the game and everything that goes
with it. Most get irritated with trash
talkers but it motivates me
to play harder and be the best.
Never take advice from somebody
that doesn’t love you.
Jercole Johnson – student

Living in a Mansion
Home is encompassed
by the feeling of comfort & love.
Home is simply being with friends & family.
I could live in a box, as long as my support
system is with me.
Living in a mansion without the serenity
I feel with my loved ones is meaningless.
A life void of connections is truly empty.
Jessica Leleux – student

The Field
The field is my happy place.
It makes me relieve stress and
feel life is OK when
everything is a mess.
The football field invites me,
embraces me with open arms and
gives you the discipline
where legends are born.
Chedrick Carnegia - student

My happy is home
because I like it there,
nobody bothers me,
play my music and
can stay private.
Aven Morgan - student

Three Pointers
A challenge to pace
the three-point line is my place.
I want to shoot like Curry
with or without space.
Francois Sims, Jr., - student

The Court
My happy place is the court.
Why? Well let me explain.
I go when I’m happy or sad
and some days even bad.
I go in any weather as
it just makes me feel better.
Don’t let anything get you down.
Trelin Carnegia – student

Jun 04

Teens on good times

Posted on June 4, 2019 at 9:41 AM by Pamela Holt

My Hobby

Something that’s good in my life
is poetry. It helps me
express my felling and
is my hobby.

Quamoria Ducksworth - student


All my family is getting back together
All the good memories are coming back
All the laughs we had together and
now new memories.
I’m so excited and so is my family.
I just can’t wait.

Niue McAllister -student

A Set-back to a Comeback

I remember being broke,
broker that a choke.
I got a job at Target
and it felt amazing.

Xavier Hamilton – student

Fall-back Now’s a Comeback

I always fall-back
but that doesn’t mean
that I can’t comeback.
I embrace my “curse”
and turn it into a blessing.
So, when they push you down,
get up faster and stronger.

Niue McAllister – student


Comeback means
that even if you fall,
you may come-back to winning.
It’s the best thing that can
happen to you.

Macee Graber - student


I know someone who came-back
when his son was three weeks old
and he got fired from work.
His son was ill and there was nothing
he could do for him. He got a job
and worked his way back.

Tremayne Johnson – student


When you have a problem at home,
you can deal with your anger
by taking a walk outside to cool off.
If you have a problem at school,
you can go to a guidance counselor
or teacher and talk it out.

Tiesha McAllister- student

My Music Problem

I have a problem with music
because he is rude to me
and all we do is sit down
all the time.
I deal with it by chilling
with my friends.

Tremayne Johnson – student

How You Identify

Group identity vs. independent identity.
Groups are judging and speak for everyone,
whereas independence lets you speak for yourself.
We all have our own ideas, our own thoughts.
Owning my own identity is the best way to go.

Niue McAllister - student

My Identity

Our own identity gives you privacy
and keeps you safe, so your information
won’t be shared, as it is when
part of a group.

Amarion Moses – student


Sports is good for me
because I can become
an Allstar and make
a lot of money
when I’m older as a
basketball or baseball player.

Tylon Lee - student


I feel good about my grades.
It’s easy as a games of spades.
I feel like jumping for joy
like having a baby boy.
I feel good today
from top to bottom
in every way.

Sam Davis – student

Life is a Test

Life is hectic
ups and downs
good and bad
it shows what you
can overcome.

Taua McAllister – student

Good Year

School has been going well
in my life. I’m making myself
do a good job so I can be something
and be happy and successful.
I want life to speed-up
so I can marry and be a success.

Angelique Taylor – student

Slow Down

I want life to slow down so I can
enjoy my childhood while I still can
without worrying about my
responsibilities or paying bills.
I want to be able to enjoy these years.

Tiesha McAllister - student

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May 06

Teens on Bullying

Posted on May 6, 2019 at 11:12 AM by Pamela Holt

Poetry photo for website
Bullies Are Needing Love
Bullies are the ones who
will not make it in life, so they
try to make kids feel the same;
and that’s not right.
So, in my opinion, bullies
are people who need love.
Marquis Robinson – student

Bullies are Pathetic
Bullies’ social skills are pathetic
because there’s something going on
deep down that makes them
take their anger and frustration
out on someone else.
Tylon Lee – student

Make Friends

Parents should not tell kids
to stick-up to bullies
but should teach them
how to make friends.
Quamoria Ducksworth – student

Bullies are Ugly
Bullies make others feel bad
just to make they feel good.
It’s not right to the people
that cry or get hurt by them;
and it should stop.
I try to help out and prevent it
for most people like when
bullies try to fight a little kid.
If you see bullying, you should
try to stop it.
Dakaila Johnson – student

My Destiny
In ten years, I see myself
in the NFL with a beautiful
wife and two kids. That’s
my destiny.
Marquis Robinson – student

Be the Greatest

Don’t leave your destiny to someone else.
Have you ever stopped and thought about it?
If you could write the story of your life, where
do you see yourself?
I see myself finished with school and
with a good job, and at least a house & Family.
Carlos Jennings – student

Life Begins
Ten years from now, there’s destiny
like amazing things created in life.
Ten years from now, I’ll finish college,
start a business and maybe
just maybe, life begins.
Seliah Mitchell – student

Never Give Up
Ten years from now, I hope
to be done or starting college,
be a FL gator softball player.
Afterwards, I think about being a doctor.
Estefani Ramos - student

Inner Self
I don’t feel used
because you are yourself
and can be a better person.
I don’t let someone
take advantage
of my time
and waste it.
People use you
but you really allow it.
Seliah Mitchell - student

Two Faced
I feel like I’m being used for people’s advantage,
for their use or for taking something from me
but later won’t let me get something from them.
If it’s not about them, they don’t care.
Cameron McAllister - student

I don’t feel used because
my ego is too high and
don’t feed off my inadequacies.
My being a good football player
and knowing getting in trouble
with girls is not worthy to be.
Dante Hill – student

Being Used
I feel like I am
being used when
people do stuff
when they are your friend
and then stick it to you.
Ayanna Hudson – student

I did feel used at some point in time.
For example, I was friends with someone
and they basically wanted specific information
and never came back.
I didn’t know and yes, I felt used.
Issy Alli – student

Can’t Touch Me
My inner-self is worth it.
Can’t nobody bring me down.
Not with me being confident.
You’ll can’t touch me.
Niue McAllister – student

Just Taking
I do be used when people
take stuff but when
I want stuff, they just
want from me.
Desi Johnson – student