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Dec 04

Teens thoughts on Raising Teens

Posted on December 4, 2019 at 11:39 AM by Pamela Holt

My Children
I would teach them
to help others and love family.
Being a good person is better
than being successful
because kindness will get you farther
in life than money.
But while family is good,
I will tach them if they are bad to you,
sometimes dropping family
can be a good thing.
Chedrik Carnegia – student

Raising My Child
I will feed my child and
raise them to not fight in the street.
I will tell them to be grateful
for what you got.
And before they go to school,
I will tell them to be good and
not mean to other students.
Zaryanna Hudson – student

Kids Dreams
A kid’s dream
is really an imagination
of how their parents should treat them.
But that’s how I am going to treat my kids.
When the day is all done,
you then kick back
and just watch the sun set
with your son set.
Kamren Ferguson – student

respect, mindful & caring
are qualities of a nice child
being good affects many
a simple compliment or waive
can make someone’s day.
Taua McAllister – student

Raised Right
I would bring up my child
the way I was brought up.
I would make them
responsible and independent.
Na’trell Kennedy – student

My Sons
I would teach them
right from wrong. They
would use manners,
be gentlemen and
love people.
Dre’ven Hollis – student

It’s Not Everything
It’s a strange morality
but I frankly have apathy
for fame and fortune.
a pointless thing,
though a happiness booster.
Aisha Akright – student

Being tough is not a way of life
cause you can easily solve
by just calming down and
telling the other person
to stop talking stuff.
Tylon Lee – student

Do you really feel
for others, if you
are better than the majority?
Humble yourself!
A young man should not be a soldier
wasting his life picking fights.
Complexions like that
stop you from flourishing.
Aisha Akright – student

There are different paths in life.
Bullying might be one
but not one of the right paths.
Spread peace
and good vibes!!
Derek Ashcraft – student

Nov 18

Where are my emotions?

Posted on November 18, 2019 at 3:34 PM by Pamela Holt

Where Are My Emotions?

You Are Your Emotions
Crying isn’t a weakness;
it’s a strength.
Showing emotions
and being emotional
is how people understand you.
If you don’t show your
emotions, people will
have assumptions
that you don’t go through pain,
even though everybody does.
Your emotions show who you are.
Angelique Taylor – student

When people bully me or
I am not having a good day or
when my parents bring me down
then crying expresses my feelings.
Scarlett Rawls - student

Crying expresses your feeling.
It also helps healing.
Let’s stop the killing
and start peeling how your feeling.
Francoise Sims – student

Emotional Pain
Crying is not a weakness,
it’s more like bettering yourself
by growing from your worst place.
It’s better to show your emotions.
Amiah Hamilton – student

Is crying a weakness? What
I can saw is people cry only
when they are mad and
when they are sad.
I guess people are nice and
I cry when they are gone.
Ahmir James – student

Crying is a Weakness?
Yes and no because –
No people cry when
they can’t feel anything
and Yes cause people
feel that crying helps everything.
Noah Hamilton – student
Nov 06

Putting Happiness to Use

Posted on November 6, 2019 at 11:01 AM by Pamela Holt

Happiness is an attitude,
not just on what you are getting.
It’s working hard -
day in and day out.
So, happiness is anytime you want.
Chedrick Carnegie – student

Everyone Needs Happiness
Happiness is a feeling. It
happens when something
good happens to you. It
might be getting something
you want or something
that happens to you.
Destiny Willis – student

Good Attitude
I know what makes me happy
and I like make others happy.
One thing that gets me happy
is to being treated kindly.
Murcail Hudson – student

Focusing on Me
Happiness is something
that means a lot to me
and the start of getting
something that pleases me
makes me feel happy inside.
Scarlett Rawls – student

Key to Life
Happiness is something
that people feel when
they get something or
help someone and make
them feel happy.
Cornelius Coleman - student

What makes me happy is writing,
which makes me happy
because I put thought into my writing.
When I write, I feel happy
because I put my feelings
in my writings – happiness,
love, enjoyment.
Abby Igus - student

What my eyes see in my poems
is where I should be.
The haters are below me -
that’s the way people want you to see.
I know that I’m just trying to be me!
Kelvin Flint - student
We got a voice
but you always have a choice.