General Employees' Pension Board



  • 5 voting members – 3 employees (retirement members) – 2 Representatives appointed by the City Council (do not have to live inside the city limits)

Meeting Information 

  • Quarterly - First Monday of the month at 10:00 a.m.

Member Terms

  • 4 years (with option of reappointment)

Governing Document 

  • Code of Ordinances Section 38

View Public Records Requests (PDF).

Description of Duties

1. The General Employees’ Pension Board oversees the allocations of funds for the general employee pension fund. Processes retirements/payments, reviews the recommendations of the investment company, consultant, attorney and actuary and meets necessary reporting requirements.

2. All minutes of the General Employees’ Pension Board meeting shall be filed with the City Clerk’s Office

Note: Appointed members of City boards and committees are required by law to file a financial disclosure with the Florida Commission on Ethics. The reporting form and instructions will be sent to appointed members each year through the Santa Rosa County Supervisor of Elections office.


2020 Actuarial Valuation and GASB 67 & 68 (PDF)
2020 Milton General SB 534 (60t) Disclosure Worksheet on Returns (PDF)
2020 City of Milton's General Pension Trust Fund Budget for FY 2021 (PDF)
2020 Florida Division of Retirement "Actuarial Summary Fact Sheet for Plan" (PDF) (1/14/2021)

2019 Actuarial Valuation and GASB 67 & 68 (PDF)
2019 General Employees’ Pension Plan - Section 112.664 FS Compliance (PDF)
2019 Milton General SB 534 (60t) Disclosure Worksheet on Returns (PDF)
2019 Florida Division of Retirement Actuarial Summary Fact Sheet for Plan 2/3/2020 (PDF)
2019 City of Milton’s General Pension Trust Fund Budget for FY 2020 (PDF)

Prior yearly reports

Division of Retirement Website link to Fact Sheets

If you are interested in serving on any of the Boards, please call 983-5411 or fill out the Board Survey form (PDF).

MemberExpiration Dates
Henry Martin, Chairman, Council RepresentativeJuly, 2021
Pamela Haddan, Council RepresentativeJuly, 2024
Jennifer Bare, Finance, Employee RepresentativeJuly, 2021
Christie Haarmann, Secretary, Public Works, Employee RepresentativeJuly, 2022
Robert Hyman, Landscape Department, Employee RepresentativeJuly, 2024