Historic Preservation Board


  • 7 voting members – 6 members that are City residents and/or owns property in City limits with 1 member that is a non-resident that possess skills in historic preservation.

Meeting Date

  • 2nd Thursday at 5:30 p.m.

Member Term

  • 4 years (with option of reappointment)

Governing Document

  • Unified Development Code


Description of Duties

  1. The Historic Preservation Board (HPB) purpose is to the preservation and protection of buildings of historic significance.
  2. The HPB shall issue a certificate of appropriateness for renovations or alterations to regulated historic structures within the Historic District.
  3. The HPB shall require evidence of a certificate of appropriateness prior to authorizing the development order of building permit approvals for historic structures.
  4. All minutes of the Historic Preservation Board shall be filed with the Planning and Development Department.

Note: Appointed members of City boards and committees are required by law to file a financial disclosure with the Florida Commission on Ethics. The reporting form and instructions will be sent to appointed members each year through the Santa Rosa County Supervisor of Elections office.

If you are interested in serving on any of the Boards, please call 983-5411 or fill out the Board Survey form (PDF). 

Expiration Dates
John Ellis September 11, 2023
Theresa MessickOctober 7, 2023
Cassandra SharpDecember 15, 2025
Stephen Jernigan
July 9, 2021
Carol Johnstone
November 14, 2025
Nathan Sutrick (Chairman)February 9 2025
Brian McGuire (Vice Chairman)February 9, 2025