Milton Mural Society
The Milton Mural Society, formed in 1998, is the culmination of community supporters dedicated to drawing a connection between Santa Rosa County’s significant history and promising future. Outdoor mural projects are the link between these two periods of life in Milton and have served to enhance the charm of this historical city.

With its rich culture, diverse industries and strong military presence, Milton has a wealth of historical and natural subjects that can be depicted in these murals. From the lumber industry’s stacks of logs tied at the water’s edge, to the baptismal in Blackwater River; from the Arcadia cotton mill to the seafood industry and military impact, Santa Rosa County has unlimited resources that reflect the culture and society it has become.

The challenge that lies ahead for the Society is to find not only suitable locations and artists for these projects, but patrons willing to sponsor these beautiful works of art. Working together, the Society, artists and sponsors have the unique opportunity to share the heritage of the Milton area with the surrounding communities.
Imogene Theater
Milton Mural