Damage Prevention

Call Before You Dig

  • By law, prior to any excavation / digging, the excavator / person must notify the Sunshine One-Call Center at 432-4770 or 811. This is to prevent accidentally digging into a gas line, or any other underground utility.
  • This call is free and the call center stays open 5 days per week, during normal business hours, excluding holidays. It is closed Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.
  • Someone will ask you certain questions regarding the location of your planned excavation/ digging. A locate ticket will be issued to dig or excavate, 2 days after your request. Ample time is given to each utility owner in the area to respond and accurately locate his or her utility.
  • The Sunshine One-Call law applies to everyone, including home owners who may be excavating for a flag pole installation, landscaping, or other excavation activities.
  • Pipeline markers are placed at key locations where a gas pipeline crosses streets, driveways, etc.
  • Our markers have phone numbers on them requesting excavators to call prior to digging in the area.