Martial Arts

Academy of Martial Arts - Milton, Florida


Martial arts classes are held on Monday and Thursday in the Gracey Room of the Milton Community Center, 5629 Byrom Street. Classes are from 6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. for all ages.

This is a mixed martial arts class which includes Kung-Fu, Tai Chi, Aikido, Jiujitsu, and Tai Kwon Do.

Classes are taught by Grandmaster Gary Nichols (Chen Jia Li ), a 7th degree Black Belt and Master level Black Sash.


  • $59 Start Up Fee - This includes the first 2 weeks and uniform.
  • $60 Per Month and $40 per month for an additional family member.


  • Flexibility, better health and longevity
  • Greater increase in speed
  • Improved winning attitude
  • Increased coordination and motor skills
  • Indomitable spirit
  • Renewed respect for oneself and others
  • Self confidence and self discipline
Martial Arts Class Pose for a Picture