City Parks

Park Facilities Flyer

To reserve a park facility, contact the Milton Community Center. Payment must be made in full to complete your reservation. The Milton Parks Department does not reserve park facilities on July 4 at Carpenters Park, the Milton Riverwalk, or Russell Harber Landing. View the field reservation form (PDF) online.

Milton Park Facilities and Addresses

  • Barnes Street Neighborhood Park, Barnes St.
  • Carpenters Park - 5250 Munson Highway
  • Football Fieldhouse - 6552 Chuck Prince St.
  • Milton Community Center - 5629 Byrom St.
  • Hindall Park - 5641 Oriole St.
  • Lucille Johnson Park - 5073 Mary St.
  • Milton Event Area - 5158 South Willing St.
  • Milton Riverwalk - 1 Simpson St.
  • Russell Harber Landing - 6016 Old River Rd.
  • Steven Morgan Skate Park - 5659 Byrom St.

carpenters park map

Park Hours

All of Milton's parks are open from sunrise to 10 p.m. Boat launches and recoveries are open 24 hours.

russell harber map

Prohibited Activities

  1. Solicitation. There shall be no commercial activities for profit in city parks. There shall be no giving out or distributing of anything to other persons or collecting or attempting to collect anything from any persons, except for specific events approved by the city council or its designee.
  2. Swimming or diving; exception. There shall be no swimming or diving, except that swimming is permitted at Russell Harber Landing, but not within 50 feet of each side of the dock.
  3. There shall be no fishing from the city riverwalk boardwalk area. Fishing is permitted in designated areas.
  4. No dogs or other pets shall be permitted within city parks,.
  5. No alcoholic beverages shall be permitted or consumed within city parks.
  6. Docking of marine craft; exception. Marine craft shall not be permitted to dock along the city riverwalk boardwalk any longer than 24 hours continuously. Exceptions may be allowed under special conditions.
  7. Skateboards, etc. No person shall be permitted to use skateboards, soap shoes, skates or roller blades within city parks (except for the Milton skate park).
  8. Bicycles. No person shall be permitted to ride bicycles or other self-propelled vehicles within the city riverwalk park.
  9. Sexual offenders. No person who is required to register with the state pursuant to F.S. Section 943.0435 or F.S. Section 775.21 shall enter or occupy any city park.