Trees and shrubbery should not be planted in close proximity of gas or water meters. Over time, tree roots encircle water meter boxes, breaking water lines and making maintenance difficult. Shrubbery can grow completely over gas meters making an accurate reading harder to obtain. Vegetation should be kept clear of meters for location purposes and valve accessibility. In case of an emergency, such as a house fire or broken gas line, the valve must be located and shut off quickly.

Covered Water Meters

When residents landscape their yard, the water meter is often over looked and covered under several feet of fill dirt and sodded over. The water meter should be located and marked before landscaping. The meter box can be raised to the proper height by the Meter Reader after the landscaping is completed.

When parking vehicles in the yard, avoid parking over the water meter. The meter cannot be read and the water line may break if the meter box is run over. This could also result in an estimated water bill.

Covered Gas Meters

Gas meters are often used to hang water hoses on. Items stored outside such as ladders, lawn mowers, and bicycles are placed against gas meters making reading difficult. In winter months, some customers cover their gas meter with an insulated material to prevent freeze up of their gas service. In reality, only the regulator needs protection from freezing.

In short, remember the meter is there for a purpose. It must be looked at each month to determine your utility bill. Keeping the meter accessible will allow the Meter Department to provide you with better service. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email Public Works.